Album Cover
Live At The Love Song
GRLP 914 / DS 012
Released: Jun 23, 2017
Label: Glitterhouse Records / Diamond Soul Recordings
Track Listing
1 Tangerine (with Matt DeMerritt)
2 Every Time I Try (with Ryan Qualls)
3 World Of Blue (with Bobb Bruno)
4 Untitled No. 1 (with Craig Haynes, Mike Bolger)
5 Ray Of Light (with Bill Frisell, Petra Haden, Zander Schloss)
6 From The Dust (with Joe Baiza)
7 Lorelei
8 Spiritual (with Petra Haden, Mystery Gospel Choir)


A Year in Music – Josh Haden (Spain)
No More Workhorse
One of my sisters gave me an LP by Roswell Rudd that my dad plays on. It’s called Everywhere and it was released on the impulse! label in 1966. I’d never heard it before, and it’s really great. Pure free jazz with great players. [Read More...]
Spain - Live At The Love Song
We Control The Jams
And the same it's for the uncomparable style of Josh Haden and his ensemble who are on the other hand writing an important and relevant page into the story of the Americana music from more than twenty years to now. [Read More...]
We're flies on the wall with Spain
The concept is as interesting as it is daring. All traditional writing and recording sessions went overboard. Spain traded it for adventure, experimentation and collaborations. [Read More...]
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