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Spain's Josh Haden talks about his father Charlie Haden's "Liberation Music Orchestra"

New video for Spain's "Tennessee".

New video for Spain's "Tennessee", from their latest album Carolina.

Spain's "Station 2" is in Indie Rock Mag's 22 Best Songs of 2016
Spain - Station 2

Resté aux portes de mon top albums, le Carolina americana de Josh Haden n’en est pas moins la plus belle réussite de Spain depuis la reformation du groupe en 2007... voire depuis The Blue Moods of Spain ? En témoigne ce final qui ravivera un temps les regrets de tous ceux ont dû, un jour, laissé derrière eux une personne chère à leur cœur. [Read More...]
New Live Recording Available

Just uploaded for subscribers: live recording of Spain at Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg, Germany 18 June 2016.

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A Year In Music - The Interview With Josh Haden
I know there are a lot of great bands out there making really beautiful, quiet, introspective music. I love that stuff, but now’s not the time for beautiful, quiet, introspective music. Now’s the time for loud, scary, and intense. We have to fight back. To slowcore bands it doesn’t mean you have to abandon the slow tempos. Slow can be frightening too. [Read More...]