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Spain: Carolina
We have to be thankful, then, for music like this, music that nourishes us in all the right ways, that makes us think and takes us outside ourselves, where we can see the world in greater detail and contemplate our place in it. Have we done the right things? How can we? [Read More...]
Underrated: Spain's Carolina
Josh Haden offers a distinctively dark yet immersive take on the arid sounds of Americana that draws a dotted line from his father’s country-tinged “Ramblin’ Boy.” [Read More...]
Interview with Josh Haden – Spain – Part Two
"Columbia Records is the devil. I wish I could have talked to him and told him about my experience with major labels, how they almost destroyed my life and my love for music. Why does any artist need a major label these days? With the internet and everything, and especially with such a buzz behind these guys. What was Columbia telling Declan they could give him that he couldn’t get on his own?" [Read More...]
Step Into The Darkness With Spain
I found myself humming some of the songs. Now, I want to crack the code. [Read More...]
Josh Haden Celebrates History With Spain’s ‘Carolina’
“I decided I was only going to write in stories,” says Josh Haden, founding member of the band Spain. He’s speaking from his home in Los Angeles, discussing the material that shapes the sixth Spain album, Carolina. The songs touch on America’s past with intersections in the present and with Haden’s own life. [Read More...]