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Spain – Sargent Place
‘You And I’, the song graced by Charlie’s acoustic bass, poignantly opens with the lines “Our love will never die” – a fitting farewell from father to son. ‘To Be A Man’ also reads like a son to father conversation, Josh sighing, “Can’t you see that you’re my best friend?” [Read More...]
ALBUM REVIEW: Spain – Sargent Place
Spain have never faltered on their recordings and this is no exception... [Read More...]
TuneCore Live: SXSW Edition
We’re proud to boast that one-third of the artists performing at SXSW 2015 have distributed through TuneCore. We’ve created a “TuneCore Live: SXSW Edition" playlist on Spotify, which features over 200+ of the artists playing at the festival. [Read More...]
Spain (Paradiso – Amsterdam, 11-03-2015)
Sargent Place voelt als een warm bad slow-core muziek. Heerlijk om in deze hectische tijden gewoon je te laten vervoeren door rust en vakmanschap. Even uit de hectiek treden en je overgeven aan Josh en zijn mannen. [Read More...]
Photoset - Aarhus
This is slowcore. [Read More...]