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Spain's bassist/vocalist/founder Josh Haden has started a Spain music subscription service on Bandcamp. It's a great way to support Spain and make sure you're kept up-to-date on all the new music being made for their upcoming 2017 album. Demos, ideas, live tracks, and exclusive completed tracks will be available for subscribers only, and the first post is already up, the legendary 17 May 2016 record release show at the Love Song in Los Angeles, accompanied by a spontaneous and mysterious gospel choir. Your direct support is the most effective way to help keep the Spain dream alive and the band appreciates all your help. That link again is here.

Toneduff Sessions #6: Josh Haden and Kenny Lyon
Bruce Duff, author of The Smell of Death, talks with Josh Haden, founder, bassist and singer of the group Spain, and Kenny Lyon, guitarist, bassist, and producer, who has played with NOFX, Lemonheads, and many more. [Read More...]
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Spain at Love Song (August 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30)

The project of singer/songwriter Josh Haden returns to the DTLA bar for its second residency of 2016, having played there back in May. The final show of that earlier run acted as the album release party for Carolina, Spain’s latest album.

Think: Slowcore goes Americana

Cost: Free [Read More...]
Spain: Carolina
We have to be thankful, then, for music like this, music that nourishes us in all the right ways, that makes us think and takes us outside ourselves, where we can see the world in greater detail and contemplate our place in it. Have we done the right things? How can we? [Read More...]
Underrated: Spain's Carolina
Josh Haden offers a distinctively dark yet immersive take on the arid sounds of Americana that draws a dotted line from his father’s country-tinged “Ramblin’ Boy.” [Read More...]