Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1 Available Now

Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1, a collection featuring 13 previously unreleased tracks recorded prior to 1995's landmark Blue Moods Of Spain album by the band Spain, is available now from Spain's page, as well as iTunes and other digital music retailers. Available exclusively with the album download from is a 20-page .pdf file which includes liner notes written by Spain founder Josh Haden, archival photos, song descriptions, album credits, and lyrics. The .pdf file is not available from any other digital music retailer.

Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1 is the first in a series of releases which are meant to detail the history of the band Spain from their inception in 1993 through 2001, when they temporarily disbanded. Pt. 2, which will be released in early 2011, will feature more songs recorded by Spain in the months leading up to Blue Moods. Spain, now comprised of bassist/vocalist Josh Haden with all-new members, plans to release their first album of new material in 10 years in 2011.





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