The Band Spain Is Recording A New Album

The band Spain is recording a new album...And you are invited to help. So far: Two demos, two studio-works-in-progress, exclusive videos, photos, and postings. Its what I've been laying down, and that's just for the first four songs. Now a funny-yet-serious video on Youtube. We don't know what we're doing. But we do. We're like the Inspector Clouseau of Slowcore. You are Kato. We need all the help we can get.

And it gets worse. All those sleepless nights spent planning on how I can make your life more interesting on a daily basis by revealing the songs, lyrics, purpose, ambiance, locale, milieu, emotions, history, and effort going into our historic sixth studio album. It's like this guy teaching you how to paint, although we aren't teaching you how to write music. We're bringing you into our new music. It's for a specific group. The only group of music lovers who love our music. You have been chosen. 


That link again:  Subscription tiers start at $25, but that's because Bandcamp only allows us three tiers. Believe me, I've asked them about it. If you'd like to help but can only afford $1 - $24, email me. If you can't afford anything, email me anyways. I understand.


The $25 yearly subscription gets you all of the old music I've made for my Bandcamp page, and all of the future new music I will make for my Bandcamp page. It gets you an exclusive look into the making of the new Spain album, complete with tracks that aren't finished yet and no one else is hearing aside from myself and my co-recording compatriot Kenny. It will be like you are there with us at the historic Gaylord hotel, waiting for the inevitable pounding on the floor from Kenny's weirdo downstairs neighbor. Two extra tiers of support include a signed CD of the finished album and more. And yes, there's more: It's like the God of Bandcamp says: You will have "the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting me in a sustainable way."


Do you want to hear my two latest upbeat numbers "The Depression" and "Suffering"? What are you waiting for? How about the even more happy "One Last Look" or the historic true Americana heart-mending story "Tennessee"? Visit the Bandcamp page. Or watch the informative Youtube video, and then go to the Bandcamp page)) We love you!


Best from Josh



P.S. At a loss for gift ideas this holiday season? A subscription will make the perfect gift for that special Spain fan in your life.

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