New post On The Josh Haden Music Subscription Page

New post on the Josh Haden music subscription page. Support the new Spain album.

The Band Spain Is Recording A New Album

The band Spain is recording a new album...And you are invited to help. So far: Two demos, two studio-works-in-progress, exclusive videos, photos, and postings. Its what I've been laying down, and that's just for the first four songs. Now a funny-yet-serious video on Youtube. We don't know what we're doing. But we do. We're like the Inspector Clouseau of Slowcore. You are Kato. We need all the help we can get.

And it gets worse. All those sleepless nights spent planning on how I can make your life more interesting on a daily basis by revealing the songs, lyrics, purpose, ambiance, locale, milieu, emotions, history, and effort going into our historic sixth studio album. It's like this guy teaching you how to paint, although we aren't teaching you how to write music. We're bringing you into our new music. It's for a specific group. The only group of music lovers who love our music. You have been chosen. 


That link again:  Subscription tiers start at $25, but that's because Bandcamp only allows us three tiers. Believe me, I've asked them about it. If you'd like to help but can only afford $1 - $24, email me. If you can't afford anything, email me anyways. I understand.


The $25 yearly subscription gets you all of the old music I've made for my Bandcamp page, and all of the future new music I will make for my Bandcamp page. It gets you an exclusive look into the making of the new Spain album, complete with tracks that aren't finished yet and no one else is hearing aside from myself and my co-recording compatriot Kenny. It will be like you are there with us at the historic Gaylord hotel, waiting for the inevitable pounding on the floor from Kenny's weirdo downstairs neighbor. Two extra tiers of support include a signed CD of the finished album and more. And yes, there's more: It's like the God of Bandcamp says: You will have "the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting me in a sustainable way."


Do you want to hear my two latest upbeat numbers "The Depression" and "Suffering"? What are you waiting for? How about the even more happy "One Last Look" or the historic true Americana heart-mending story "Tennessee"? Visit the Bandcamp page. Or watch the informative Youtube video, and then go to the Bandcamp page)) We love you!


Best from Josh



P.S. At a loss for gift ideas this holiday season? A subscription will make the perfect gift for that special Spain fan in your life.

Spain To Be Showcasing Artist At SXSW 2016

The band Spain has been included in the second round of announcements regarding showcasing artists slated to perform at the 2016 SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas. For more information go here.

20th Anniversary Blue Moods Of Spain Contest Winner Announced!

The winner of the 20th Anniversary Blue Moods Of Spain Contest has been announced. Congratulations Vincent Maston! Read about the contest, some of band leader Josh Haden's thoughts on the twenty year mark, and Vincent's award-winning entry here. Vincent won a copy of Omnivore Records' recent 180-gram vinyl release of the album, and everyone who entered the contest received a free code to download Blue Moods Of Spain: A History Parts One and Two, a collection of demos recorded prior to the 1995 release of The Blue Moods Of Spain along with 40 pages of liner notes, archival photos, flyers, and more. Thanks to all!

The Band Spain Releases New Song To Benefit Marriage Equality

Oct. 11, 2015 - The band Spain released a new song today to benefit marriage equality. All profits from the sales of "I Do" will go to Marriage Equality USA and the Human Rights Campaign. The song can be downloaded from the Spain Bandcamp page, iTunes, and the usual digital retailers.



Spain's Josh Haden Quoted In New Book About The Jabberjaw

Spain's founder Josh Haden was quoted in "It All Dies Anyway: L.A., Jabberjaw, And The End Of An Era", the new book from Rizolli which documents the legendary L.A. venue Jabberjaw. Spain played there in the mid-1990s, along with Josh's sisters' band That Dog., and Josh's high school mates' band Jawbreaker, both of which have multi-page spreads in the book. Nirvana, Hole, The Jesus Lizard, Chumbawamba, Spacemen 3, Unsane, are just a few of the hundreds of bands that played there over almost 10 years. It is a beautiful, deluxe book and lovers of music and L.A. music history will love it.


From the publisher's website: "The untold history of the seminal cultural venue Jabberjaw—the underground star of Los Angeles’s historic indie scene of the 1990s. Billing itself as a "coffeehouse art gallery" when it opened in 1989, Jabberjaw quickly became not only the cornerstone of the Los Angeles post-punk scene but also a hub of the underground music scene nationwide. Bridging the gap between punk and indie, Jabberjaw was a bastion of counterculture that hosted shows for bands from the obscure (Hole, Unsane) to the legendary (Nirvana, Pearl Jam) in an environment that reflected a generation. In collaboration with the owners of the club, and with contributions from many of the musicians and artists who played and spent time there, It All Dies Anyway is a record of the venue’s brief but influential existence. Designed and compiled by Bryan Ray Turcotte, the book is a visual feast, layering flyers and posters onto photographs, handmade record covers, and Polaroids of the gallery to paint an engrossing portrait not only of a venue but also of a forgotten time and place in music history."

Help Support The Band Spain's 6th Studio Album, The Three-Hour Long "Through The Low Gate"

"Through The Low Gate" is the band Spain's sixth studio album and will be released during the first part of 2016. It'll be three hours long and will encompass the history of music, poetry, art, and language since the beginning of time. The album will be released on Dine Alone Records in North America and Australia, and in the U.K. and Europe on Glitterhouse Records.

If you'd like to help support this project Spain frontman Josh Haden has set up a subscription service on his Bandcamp page. Levels of support start at $25.00/year and include subscriber-only demos for the new album and subscriber-only written and video diaries of the making of the album, along with all the other non-Spain Josh Haden releases. Higher levels of support include a CD copy of the album with your name in the acknowledgements, tickets to future Spain shows, and more.


The first demo for the album, a track entitled "For You", has already been posted. More info and contact here.

More Good News: Blue Moods Of Spain Contest Extended

Blue Moods Of Spain Contest Extended :)


The response has been overwhelming but I've decided to extend the Blue Moods Of Spain 20th Anniversary contest another 15 days. What does Blue Moods mean to you? The winner will receive a copy of the 2012 vinyl reissue of Spain's The Blue Moods Of Spain, courtesy of Omnivore Recordings. Five runners-up will win free downloads of the Blue Moods Of Spain History albums, Parts One and Two, courtesy of Spain and Bandcamp. Blue Moods stories, anecdotes, memories, experiences are welcome! Send them to by 15 Oct 2015 and the winners will be announced 30 Oct 2015. Further details and instructions can be found here.





Best from Josh

Celebrate The Blue Moods Of Spain 20th Anniversary With A Contest

From the band Spain's Josh Haden:

"The Blue Moods Of Spain was released twenty years ago this week. I've talked a lot about the making of Blue Moods within the 40 pages that accompany the Blue Moods Of Spain: A History Part One and Part Two digital albums. I was twenty-seven years old then and filled with very specific musical ideas and a philosophy on where to to take them.

The reaction to Blue Moods over the years has been overwhelming, as much now as then. People are still hearing it for the first time, and people who bought it when it first came out are still affected by it and that makes me happy. Warners has let the album go out of print, and that makes me sad, but it's still available digitally. In 2012 Omnivore Records reissued Blue Moods on vinyl for the first time and that made me happy again.


Has Blue Moods made an impact on your life? In celebration of the 20 year mark I'm holding a contest. Write a few sentences or a paragraph or even an essay if you're feeling like it, about how The Blue Moods Of Spain has affected you over the years, or years ago. Stories, anecdotes, experiences, observations, I would love to read them. I'll pick my favorite and the writer will win a free copy of Omnivore's Blue Moods Of Spain vinyl reissue, courtesy of Omnivore Records. Five runners-up will win free downloads of the Blue Moods Of Spain: A History Parts 1 & 2 from Bandcamp. I'll also post the winning work on the Spain website. Send your writings to me at by 30 Sep 2015. Winners will be chosen by 15 Oct 2015. Please mark your work "OK To Print" if you'd like it posted, and "Not OK To Print" if you wouldn't."

Help Support The Band Spain's 6th Studio Album, The Three-Hour Long "Through The Low Gate"

"Through The Low Gate" is the band Spain's sixth studio album and will be released during the first part of 2016. It'll be three hours long and will encompass the history of music, poetry, art, and language since the beginning of time. The album will be released on Dine Alone Records in North America and Australia, and in the U.K. and Europe on Glitterhouse Records.

If you'd like to help support this project Spain frontman Josh Haden has set up a subscription service on his Bandcamp page. Levels of support start at $25.00/year and include subscriber-only demos for the new album and subscriber-only written and video diaries of the making of the album, along with all the other non-Spain Josh Haden releases. Higher levels of support include a CD copy of the album with your name in the acknowledgements, tickets to future Spain shows, and more.


The first demo for the album, a track entitled "For You", has already been posted. More info and contact here.

Spain's "You And I" Music Video Featuring Charlie Haden

From Spain's Josh Haden:

"I compiled a music video for the song "You And I" from Spain's latest album Sargent Place. I wrote the song for my father and he played bass on the track. "You And I" was my dad's final recording. The video is a photo collage of my father with some of the people he loved, and is dedicated to him from me."


The video can be found here.

Spain's Josh Haden On The Watt From Pedro Show

Spain bassist/vocalist Josh Haden was bassist Mike Watt's guest on the The Watt From Pedro Show for July 8, 2015.

Haden talked with Watt about and played tracks from Spain's latest album, Sargent Place. The direct link to the show is here. TWFPS can also be downloaded from iTunes.

Your Music Is Our Music - RIP Ornette Coleman

Spain frontman Josh Haden wrote a few words about Ornette Coleman here

Duyster Sessions To Include Spain's "Every Time I Try" June 12

PIAS Belgium will be releasing a limited-edition 2XLP set of live recordings made on Studio Brussels' Duyster radio show. Spain performing their song "Every Time I Try" is included, along with live performances from Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten, Low, Bill Callahan, and many others. Purchase here. Release date: June 12 2015.

Josh Haden Book Release - Mysteries Of The Pyramids

Josh Haden, bassist and vocalist of the band Spain, has released his debut book of poetry.

Entitled Mysteries Of The Pyramids, the chapbook is printed on antique grey linen-finished paper with goldenrod vellum cover, hand-bound with string, and is available from Josh's Bandcamp site.

The audio version is also available from iTunes, and the book is available as a Kindle edition as well.

Dine Alone Winter Sampler 2014

Stop torturing yourself. Download the free Winter sampler from Dine Alone Records and chase your blues away. Includes tracks from Spain and several other great bands in the Dine Alone stable.

Omnivore Recordings Holiday Sale Going On NOW

If you haven't picked up Spain's first three albums, The Blue Moods Of Spain, She Haunts My Dreams, and/or I Believe, all on limited edition 180-gram colored vinyl, now would be a good time to do so! $10 / $8 / $8 can't beat that. All part of the Omnivore Recordings Holiday Sale going on NOW.

Spain The Band Announce Winter 2015 European Tour

Several dates from the upcoming Spain 2015 Winter European tour have been announced. More info and details coming soon. 


07.02.15 - GR-Athen, Gazarte
08.02.15 - DE-Köln, Studio 672
09.02.15 - NL-Nijmegen, Doornrosje 
10.02.15 - BE-Bruxelles, Le Botanique
11.02.15 - NL-Maastricht, Muziekgieterij *
12.02.15 - FR-Paris, Petit Bain
13.02.15 - CH-Thun, Cafe Bar Mokka
14.02.15 - FR-Marseille, A Poste à Galène
17.02.15 - IT-Ravenna, Madonna dell'Albero
18.02.15 - IT-Turin, Folk Club
19.02.15 - CH-Zürich, Bogen F
20.02.15 - DE-Nürnberg, K4
21.02.15 - DE-Schorndorf, Manufaktur
22.02.15 - AT-Wien, Chelsea
23.02.15 - RS-Belgrad, Dom Omladir
25.02.15 - HU-Budapest, A38
27.02.15 - AT-Ebensee, Kino Ebensee
28.02.15 - AT-Wörgl, Astner Saal

01.03.15 - DE-Dresden, JazzClub Tonne

02.03.15 - DE-Berlin, Privatclub
04.03.15 - NO-Oslo, Buckleys
06.03.15 - DK-Kopenhagen, Beta
07.03.14 - DE-Wredenhagen, Scheune
09.03.15 - BE-Liège, Cinema Le Parc
10.03.15 - DE-Bielefeld, Forum
11.03.15 - NL-Amsterdam, Paradiso

*support JEFF BEADLE (CA)

New Song From The Band Spain's Josh Haden Now Available

A new song from Spain's Josh Haden is now available. The song is called "To The Dawn" and can be downloaded from Bandcamp and iTunes.

'Sargent Place' To Be Released in Australia Nov. 7.

Sargent Place, the new album from the band Spain, will be released in Australia Nov. 7, 2014 on Cooking Vinyl Australia. More info here. Pre-order on iTunes here.

Pre-Order Sargent Place And Receive Two Tracks Instantly

U.S. and Canadian fans can now pre-order the new Spain album Sargent Place from iTunes and receive two tracks instantly:

Dine Alone Welcomes Spain

“…The name of the band comes from a dream and to me everyday life is very dream-like…dreams are part of what inspires me and what has inspired the content of the songs, and will continue to…” Josh Haden – August 2014

DINE ALONE RECORDS Welcomes Iconic Band SPAIN, Featuring JOSH HADEN, To Its Roster

SARGENT PLACE To Be Released In North America on November 4

Album Features Final Studio Recording of CHARLIE HADEN

Produced By GUS SEYFFERT (Norah Jones, Sia, Beck)

(September 2, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA): Dine Alone Records is proud to announce the addition of the band SPAIN to their North American roster. The critically acclaimed Los Angeles based band will release Sargent Place, their highly anticipated fifth studio album, and first in the U.S. in over 10 years, on November 4.

Dine Alone Owner/President Joel Carriere recalls his first taste of Spain, "Seven years ago Mark Lanegan's Soulsavers project introduced me by way of a cover of a Spain song called ‘Spiritual.' From that first listen I dove headfirst into the the music of Spain. Here I am seven years later announcing one of my favourite bands to our Dine Alone Roster. I couldn't be more excited and grateful to be working with such an amazing band and an amazing songwriter."

For nearly 20 years the music of Josh Haden and Spain has provided a soundtrack for the dreams and waking life of fans the world over, with a singular style that often stirs something deep in the soul of the listener. 2014’s Sargent Place, builds on that decades long legacy and pushes it into inspiring new directions.  From the opener, “Love At First Sight,” detailing the initial spark of a romance to the contemplative closer, “Waking Song,” the album falls solidly in line with the highly regarded early discography of the band, The Blue Moods Of Spain (1996), She Haunts My Dreams (1999) and I Believe (2001), as well as their most recent recording, The Soul Of Spain (2012).

In some respects, Sargent Place acts as a truer return to form than 2012’s The Soul Of Spain, for while that album marked the band’s first recorded work in over a decade, the album featured material written by Haden in the 1990s in earlier incarnations of the band. With the exception of “It Could Be Heaven,” “Waking Song” and “Love at First Sight,” all written previously by Haden, the songs for Sargent Place were written in the run up to this album, with many songs only truly taking shape during the recording process.

Key to that process was the work of enigmatic producer Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Norah Jones, Sia, Beck). On Sargent Place, Seyffert’s influence is heard immediately in the opening notes of the lead track, “Love At First Sight.” The first sound you hear is Seyffert’s Brazilian Pandeiro hand drum, which is then immediately joined, almost in duet, by the steady, pulsating hum of Haden’s bass. In addition to bringing the band into his personal studio, located on the street in Echo Park that graces the album’s title, Seyffert helped to shape many of the tracks on the album, some of which were radically rearranged in the process of recording. Given how much of the album’s songs revolve around beginnings and endings, it is fitting that the album’s title (unique among the others in the band’s catalog) ties the recording to a specific moment in time and a specific inspirational place in their home of Los Angeles.

Another clear inspiration on Sargent Place is the music and life of Haden’s father, jazz legend Charlie Haden. “To Be A Man” and “You And I” were songs written with the elder Haden in mind, with “You And I” featuring the final studio recording from the acclaimed and beloved musician. If not for Seyffert’s intervention, “You and I” might have been a very different song. The band initially recorded a vastly different version, but Seyffert suggested that they search for a different way of arranging the song. An informal discussion between Seyffert and Josh Haden eventually led to a trip to his father’s home to record his bass parts. The result is one of the most moving expressions of love the band has ever recorded.

As Haden describes, “It’s important to me that this is my dad’s last recording and I think it says a lot to his life and his love for his kids and what he has taught everybody over the years…about how to treat each other and how to interact and view each other and view the world.”

The influence of the Haden family is also directly felt on the stately and elegiac “The Fighter.” In addition to his father, the music of his sisters, Rachel, Petra and Tanya, was instrumental in helping Haden to find Spain’s signature sound when he began the band in the early 1990s. In recent years, Haden has taken to writing songs on an acoustic guitar given to him by his sister Rachel. “The Fighter,” began its life on that guitar, as a few strummed chords came together with the idea of a strong and violent boxer represented in a slow and delicate melody, before being transformed into a song of terrific beauty here on Sargent Place, with backing vocals and strings from Petra Haden.

As the standout tracks from Sargent Place, “Love At First Sight” and “You And I,” “The Fighter,” (which was featured in a recent episode of the hit MTV show Finding Carter) take their place amongst the other iconic songs from Spain’s past, “Ray Of Light,” “Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever,” “Born To Love Her” and perhaps Haden’s most well known song “Spiritual.” When added together with this already rich body of work, these songs further cement Josh Haden’s legacy as one of America’s great songwriters, a modern troubadour for the impassioned, forlorn and tender-hearted.

Sargent Place marks Spain at a specific time, but it also makes clear that even as the band continues to evolve, the sound of Josh Haden and Spain remains as evocative and timeless as ever.

“Dark mysterious glamour” Q
“Gospel-tinged slowcore’” Uncut

Sargent Place
1. Love At First Sight
2. The Fighter (ft. Petra Haden)
3. It Could Be Heaven
4. From The Dust
5. Sunday Morning
6. Let Your Angel
7. To Be A Man
8. In My Soul
9. You And I (ft. Charlie Haden)
10. Waking Song

Spain The Band Song To Appear On MTV's "Finding Carter"

Spain's song "The Fighter" will appear in episode 8 of MTV's original program "Finding Carter", debuting August 19, 2014. "The Fighter" is from Spain's 2014 album Sargent Place. Spain's MTV Artist page is here.

Spain The Band To Appear On Record Store Day 2014 Compilation

From the official Omnivore Recordings press release:

Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances


Previously unissued performances by Jon Auer (Posies/Big Star), Rhett Miller (Old 97's),
Sam Phillips, and spoken word selections by Van Dyke Parks! Pressed on translucent
green vinyl with download card!

The Live From High Fidelity podcast started out when two overly chatty vinyl obsessives (former A&R man and current music publisher Tom DeSavia and musician/arranger Eric Gorfain) were spurred on by their mutual friend, singer Sam Phillips, to record themselves talking about their recent finds, wish lists, and more. They decided to record the shows live in L.A.’s High Fidelity Records. Friends and musicians began to stop by. After a few shows, musical performances from those guests were added to the festivities—with Gorfain accompanying on violin. (Outside of the podcast, Gorfain has played with everyone from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to Foo Fighters, Kelly Clarkson, Ray Charles, and many more!) Suddenly, there was a following . . .

While the popular podcasts are available in their entirety for free download via iTunes, the musical segments have never been available separately. Until now.

Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances features 14 live performances from 9 guests. As is fitting for a podcast that celebrates records, this release will be on translucent green vinyl (with download card).

Included in the set are two songs each from Rhett Miller (Old 97’s) and Jon Auer (Posies/Big Star). Grant-Lee Phillips, Matt Nathanson, Sam Phillips, Spain, and Gorfain’s ensemble, The Section Quartet, all contribute a track. Comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins chimes in as well, and the LP sides are bookended by spoken word pieces from Van Dyke Parks! The release features photos from the podcasts and liner notes from the hosts.

One-of-a-kind performances from a one-of-a-kind show, Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances puts the music where it belongs—on your turntable!


LP Track List:
Side 1:
2. SEE AMERICA – Grant-Lee Phillips
3. BROKEN CIRCLE – Rhett Miller
4. THIRTEEN – Jon Auer
5. KINKS SHIRT – Matt Nathanson
6. ONE KIND FAVOR – Paul F. Thompkins
7. “SIDE A & SIDE B” – Van Dyke Parks

Side 2:
1. “WAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE” – Van Dyke Parks
2. UNTITLED #1 – Josh Haden & Matt Mayhall of the band Spain
3. SIX FEET UNDER – Jon Auer
4. QUESTION – Rhett Miller
5. CAN’T SEE STRAIGHT – Sam Phillips
6. JUICEBOX – The Section Quartet

Includes download card.

Spain The Band Confirmed As SXSW 2014 Showcasing Artist

SXSW has announced on their website that Spain is one of the Round Three showcasing artists for the music festival that takes place in Austin, Texas, March 11-16 2014. Stay tuned for more details.