Spain's Randy Kirk Joins The Hammond Artist Roster

Randy Kirk, longtime keyboardist/guitarist of the band Spain, has joined the esteemed ranks of Jim Beard, Neal Doughty, Jon Hammond, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and many other legendary organists, as an official endorsee of the Hammond Organ Co. and their Hammond XK-1. Check out Randy's Hammond Artist Profile page.

Spain's "I'm Still Free" Included in Rocktime Podcast.

Spain's latest song, "I'm Still Free", was included in a recent edition of the Rocktime podcast.

Spain's Kickstarter Campaign to release 7" DIY style a success

Spain's Kickstarter Campaign to release 7" DIY style a success by Michele McManmon L.A. Indie Music Examiner

Spain had issues with their label because they wanted to release their single "I'm still free" on 7" Vinyl.

Sound familiar?

Spain took back their deal with the label and a friend mentioned to them

Now after getting backing from fans, new and old, Spain has successfully won the label battle having reached their backing goal amount!  If you're a band stuggling, know there are alternative ways to get your dream to become a reality.  Josh and the band Spain found a way.

"I'm Still Free" Kickstarter 7" Update

Recently two new pledge levels have been created for Spain's "I'm Still Free" 7" project. 

For a pledge of $25, you get a signed copy of the 7" mailed to you, your name listed in the "thank you" section on the back of the disc jacket, AND a signed copy of the limited second edition "I'm Still Free" CD single.

For a pledge of $50 or more (which we're calling the "Fan Gift Pack"), a gift recipient of your choice gets a signed copy of the 7" with their name listed in the "thank you" section, a signed copy of the "I'm Still Free" CD, one signed copy each of Josh's 2004 solo CD EP "Light of Day" and Josh's 2007 solo CD "Devoted", and a personal note written to the recipient by Josh himself.

Many of you have already made pledges towards the 7" and your help is much appreciated. If you haven't already made a pledge, or if perhaps you'd like to make a pledge for a friend, we hope you can take a few moments and check out the "I'm Still Free" Kickstarter page, there are several different pledge levels for all kinds of budgets and each one will help to put the "I'm Still Free" single on vinyl, the way it was supposed to have been in the first place. That web address again is

Kickstart The Band Spain's "I'm Still Free" 7"

Spain have announced they are trying to fund the release of their "I'm Still Free" 7" through Go to their page on Kickstarter for more information.

Kickstart The Band Spain's "I'm Still Free" 7"

The band Spain has decided to partner with and appeal directly to their fans for support in manufacturing their "I'm Still Free" single to 7" vinyl.

At Spain's page on Kickstarter, there are different levels of involvement within which the fan can participate in the manufacturing of the 7", starting at $10 for a copy of the disc, to $15 for an autographed copy, to $20 for an autographed copy and the fan's name printed in the thank you notes on the back of the 7" jacket as a way of thanking them for their support. Once a pledge is made, the fan will get access to exclusive messages and updates on how the progress of the manfacturing is going. Also on the website is a short video of bassist/vocalist Josh Haden explaining the project, with a surprise guest appearance by his cat Dexter.

Spain Appears On "American Wheeze" Podcast

The band Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", along with an older song, "Every Time I Try", appears on the latest "American Wheeze" radio show podcast from Portugal.

Spain's Origami Show Postponed

Spain's show tonight (2-13-2010) at Origami Vinyl has been postponed. Sorry about that and thanks for your patience. It'll be rescheduled soon.

Spain's "Hang Your Head Down Low" Now Available From iTunes

Spain's new song "Hang Your Head Down Low", from the recently released "I'm Still Free" ep, is now available from iTunes.

Last Copies Of Spain's 1996 "Funny How Time Slips Away" 7" Now On Sale

The original 1996 7" featuring Spain's cover of Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away" is available now from the Store. Signed by Josh. Only ten copies left.


Spain's Limited Edition "I'm Still Free" CD EP Now For Sale

Would you like to purchase Spain's limited edition "I'm Still Free" CD EP? Now you can. Just go to and click on the "buy" link.

Spain To Be Featured On KCRW's Today's Top Tune Podcast Jan. 13, 2010

Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", will be featured on L.A. radio station KCRW's "Today's Top Tune" podcast on Wednesday, January 13 2010. Today's Top Tune is a free song a day, from KCRW's all Music Channel, that represents a cross section of KCRW's eclectic music format. Each song will be available for download and podcast.

Spain's "I'm Still Free" Now Available From iTunes

Spain's first new release in almost a decade, the song "I'm Still Free", is now available for purchase as a digital download from iTunes. The link is:

Song of the Day: Spain - I'm Still Free

Song of the Day: Spain - I’m Still Free

Spain To Be Featured On KEXP's Song Of The Day Podcast Jan. 6, 2010

The band Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", will be featured on KEXP's Song Of The Day podcast this Wednesday, January 6. As always, this podcast is available for free. 

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Spain Featured In KEXP's Music That Matters Podcast

Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", is featured in the latest Music That Matters podcast from Seattle's radio station KEXP. You can download the podcast now for free using iTunes here, using a different service here, or you can download the entire podcast in mp3 form here. Its also available directly from KEXP's website.

Those links again:

Music That Matters episode 180 "Lucid Dream Or Real Life"
KEXP's Website:

Spain - I'm Still Free: The Video

Spain To Perform Live At Spaceland On Dec. 19, 2009 - The Commercial
Spain will be performing live at Spaceland (1717 Silver Lake Blvd. in Los Angeles) on Saturday, December 19, 2009, at 10pm. They will be selling an exclusive limited edition Spaceland-only CD at the show. Check out the big-budget commercial.
Spain 7" Release Date Has Been Delayed
The release date for the new Spain 7"/iTunes digital single has been delayed until January 26.
Spain In The Studio, Again!
Over the weekend Spain's Daniel Brummel and Loveless Motel owner/engineer Billy Burke worked diligently on the new Spain song "I'm Still Free", making improvements in anticipation of its Dec. 15 2009 release on Acuarela Discos.
New Spain Songs - The Commercial
A big budget, sci-fi-themed video promoting the upcoming Spain 7" on Acuarela Discos and promoting the Spain L.A. shows in November and December has been posted on my youtube channel! If you like it, favorite it and give it a rating, it might become a youtube hit (it has that kind of potential)! And don't forget to leave a comment! :)

New Spain Songs Up
The new Spain single won't be released until December 15, but you can hear the songs now on the Spain Myspace mp3 player. Enjoy!