Spain's Origami Show Postponed

Spain's show tonight (2-13-2010) at Origami Vinyl has been postponed. Sorry about that and thanks for your patience. It'll be rescheduled soon.

Spain's "Hang Your Head Down Low" Now Available From iTunes

Spain's new song "Hang Your Head Down Low", from the recently released "I'm Still Free" ep, is now available from iTunes.

Last Copies Of Spain's 1996 "Funny How Time Slips Away" 7" Now On Sale

The original 1996 7" featuring Spain's cover of Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away" is available now from the Store. Signed by Josh. Only ten copies left.


Spain's Limited Edition "I'm Still Free" CD EP Now For Sale

Would you like to purchase Spain's limited edition "I'm Still Free" CD EP? Now you can. Just go to and click on the "buy" link.

Spain To Be Featured On KCRW's Today's Top Tune Podcast Jan. 13, 2010

Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", will be featured on L.A. radio station KCRW's "Today's Top Tune" podcast on Wednesday, January 13 2010. Today's Top Tune is a free song a day, from KCRW's all Music Channel, that represents a cross section of KCRW's eclectic music format. Each song will be available for download and podcast.

Spain's "I'm Still Free" Now Available From iTunes

Spain's first new release in almost a decade, the song "I'm Still Free", is now available for purchase as a digital download from iTunes. The link is:

Song of the Day: Spain - I'm Still Free

Song of the Day: Spain - I’m Still Free

Spain To Be Featured On KEXP's Song Of The Day Podcast Jan. 6, 2010

The band Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", will be featured on KEXP's Song Of The Day podcast this Wednesday, January 6. As always, this podcast is available for free. 

Subscribe to the KEXP Song of the Day podcast with iTunes:

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Learn more about all of the KEXP podcasts:

To download from the KEXP Blog:

Spain Featured In KEXP's Music That Matters Podcast

Spain's new song, "I'm Still Free", is featured in the latest Music That Matters podcast from Seattle's radio station KEXP. You can download the podcast now for free using iTunes here, using a different service here, or you can download the entire podcast in mp3 form here. Its also available directly from KEXP's website.

Those links again:

Music That Matters episode 180 "Lucid Dream Or Real Life"
KEXP's Website:

Spain - I'm Still Free: The Video

Spain To Perform Live At Spaceland On Dec. 19, 2009 - The Commercial
Spain will be performing live at Spaceland (1717 Silver Lake Blvd. in Los Angeles) on Saturday, December 19, 2009, at 10pm. They will be selling an exclusive limited edition Spaceland-only CD at the show. Check out the big-budget commercial.
Spain 7" Release Date Has Been Delayed
The release date for the new Spain 7"/iTunes digital single has been delayed until January 26.
Spain In The Studio, Again!
Over the weekend Spain's Daniel Brummel and Loveless Motel owner/engineer Billy Burke worked diligently on the new Spain song "I'm Still Free", making improvements in anticipation of its Dec. 15 2009 release on Acuarela Discos.
New Spain Songs - The Commercial
A big budget, sci-fi-themed video promoting the upcoming Spain 7" on Acuarela Discos and promoting the Spain L.A. shows in November and December has been posted on my youtube channel! If you like it, favorite it and give it a rating, it might become a youtube hit (it has that kind of potential)! And don't forget to leave a comment! :)

New Spain Songs Up
The new Spain single won't be released until December 15, but you can hear the songs now on the Spain Myspace mp3 player. Enjoy! 
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