US-Band Spain spielt in Hemmersdorf
Auf die Live-Umsetzung – als Gast ist Josh Hadens Schwester Petra (Geige und Backgroundgesang) dabei - muss man gespannt sein. [Read More...]
Spain preps ‘Mandala Brush’ (listen to “laurel, clementine”)
We’ve got the premiere of “laurel, clementine” and while the tempos have climbed since the days of slowcore classic The Blue Moods of Spain, the brooding atmosphere remains. [Read More...]
Non vediamo l’ora! [Read More...]
True Otherwordly: Spain – “Maya in the summer”
I love this band so much, words have actually failed me. [Read More...]
A Year in Music – Josh Haden (Spain)
One of my sisters gave me an LP by Roswell Rudd that my dad plays on. It’s called Everywhere and it was released on the impulse! label in 1966. I’d never heard it before, and it’s really great. Pure free jazz with great players. [Read More...]
Spain - Live At The Love Song
And the same it's for the uncomparable style of Josh Haden and his ensemble who are on the other hand writing an important and relevant page into the story of the Americana music from more than twenty years to now. [Read More...]
We're flies on the wall with Spain
The concept is as interesting as it is daring. All traditional writing and recording sessions went overboard. Spain traded it for adventure, experimentation and collaborations. [Read More...]
Spain's "Station 2" is in Indie Rock Mag's 22 Best Songs of 2016
Spain - Station 2

Resté aux portes de mon top albums, le Carolina americana de Josh Haden n’en est pas moins la plus belle réussite de Spain depuis la reformation du groupe en 2007... voire depuis The Blue Moods of Spain ? En témoigne ce final qui ravivera un temps les regrets de tous ceux ont dû, un jour, laissé derrière eux une personne chère à leur cœur. [Read More...]
A Year In Music - The Interview With Josh Haden
I know there are a lot of great bands out there making really beautiful, quiet, introspective music. I love that stuff, but now’s not the time for beautiful, quiet, introspective music. Now’s the time for loud, scary, and intense. We have to fight back. To slowcore bands it doesn’t mean you have to abandon the slow tempos. Slow can be frightening too. [Read More...]
When the Wide World Narrows: A Conversation with Spain's Josh Haden
“I decided I was only going to write in stories,” says Josh Haden, talking about Carolina, the sixth album from Spain, the band he founded in the early 1990s and guided through a series of records in the middle and latter part of that decade. The record marries Haden’s passion for songs informed by both the personal and historical and, sometimes, even the places where the two intersect. [Read More...]
Spain - Carolina - Review
Spain’s latest release, Carolina, lingers in gorgeous, wistful melancholy. Ten tunes are imbued with a mood of introspection that speaks of painful, personal truths and elusive historical references. [Read More...]
Toneduff Sessions #6: Josh Haden and Kenny Lyon
Bruce Duff, author of The Smell of Death, talks with Josh Haden, founder, bassist and singer of the group Spain, and Kenny Lyon, guitarist, bassist, and producer, who has played with NOFX, Lemonheads, and many more. [Read More...]
5 Up and Coming Bands You Need in Your Life Are Playing Shows Around L.A. in August
Spain at Love Song (August 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30)

The project of singer/songwriter Josh Haden returns to the DTLA bar for its second residency of 2016, having played there back in May. The final show of that earlier run acted as the album release party for Carolina, Spain’s latest album.

Think: Slowcore goes Americana

Cost: Free [Read More...]
Spain: Carolina
We have to be thankful, then, for music like this, music that nourishes us in all the right ways, that makes us think and takes us outside ourselves, where we can see the world in greater detail and contemplate our place in it. Have we done the right things? How can we? [Read More...]
Underrated: Spain's Carolina
Josh Haden offers a distinctively dark yet immersive take on the arid sounds of Americana that draws a dotted line from his father’s country-tinged “Ramblin’ Boy.” [Read More...]
Interview with Josh Haden – Spain – Part Two
"Columbia Records is the devil. I wish I could have talked to him and told him about my experience with major labels, how they almost destroyed my life and my love for music. Why does any artist need a major label these days? With the internet and everything, and especially with such a buzz behind these guys. What was Columbia telling Declan they could give him that he couldn’t get on his own?" [Read More...]
Step Into The Darkness With Spain
I found myself humming some of the songs. Now, I want to crack the code. [Read More...]
Josh Haden Celebrates History With Spain’s ‘Carolina’
“I decided I was only going to write in stories,” says Josh Haden, founding member of the band Spain. He’s speaking from his home in Los Angeles, discussing the material that shapes the sixth Spain album, Carolina. The songs touch on America’s past with intersections in the present and with Haden’s own life. [Read More...]
Interview with Josh Haden – Spain (Part One)
“From my dad I learned that the entire human race is connected. I learned about hardship, struggle, compassion, love, and the importance of family. I learned that a song is as important as one’s life. I learned to write each song as if it were my last. I learned about the importance of art in combatting the hatred and bigotry we see around us every day.” [Read More...]
Interview: Spain’s Josh Haden
I never assume I’m a great songwriter, but I was definitely born into it. I’ve been writing songs ever since I was around five years old. The first song I wrote was in 1973 and it was entitled "Need A Little Love". I can still remember the verses and chorus. So I enjoy the process of writing. Songwriting makes me feel like a whole person. It’s my job and life. [Read More...]
INTERVIEW: Josh Haden (Spain)
One time when I was playing in the street in front of our house in L.A. I saw this ice cream truck in the distance. It didn’t look like a normal ice cream truck, it was kind of beat up and falling apart. I was like, “What’s this?” The truck pulled up in front of me and the door opened. It was Don Cherry! One of my dad’s best friends and pivotal free jazz and world music trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. “Excuse me, does Charlie Haden live here?” “Yes,” I responded. Cherry turned around and yelled “OK kids, you can get out now!” The back door opened and about fifteen kids piled out, all ready to play and have fun. [Read More...]
Josh Haden of Spain
“My friend brought his boombox to school, slammed it on the lunch table, said, ‘Josh, listen to this,’ and pressed play. It was ‘Jealous Again’ by Black Flag, and all those other bands went out the window. [Read More...]
12 Artists You Need in Your Life
Spain at the Love Song (May 17)

The alt-rock band’s latest album, “Carolina,” is set for release in June. It was recorded in producer Kenny Lyon’s apartment/studio in the historic Gaylord Apartments in Koreatown, meaning that, if you like singer/songwriter Josh Haden’s work, you may be able to buy him a beer at the HMS Bounty.

Think: The yin to Mazzy Star’s yang.
Listen: via Spotify
Cost: Free [Read More...]
First Listen: Spain - Carolina
Mixing up a density of emotion and musical sophistication in contrast with a great sense of space and atmosphere, Carolina reasserts Spain as one of the great Americana bands of the last 20 years. [Read More...]
Spain, the songwriting vehicle for seasoned musician Josh Haden, will release new LP Carolina on June 3. Hailed as “slowcore progenitors,” the band’s new song, “Station 2,” displays a confidence in that genre— a downtempo tune with plenty of room for storytelling and a big emphasis on the more emotional moments. There’s also a bit of classic-rock worship in the mix; fans of Dawes should take notice. We are proud to premiere “Station 2” on today. [Read More...]
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