The Best Free Concerts To See in L.A. This November
Spain are performing ahead of their upcoming release, Sargent Place, out November 4. [Read More...]
The First Uncut Playlist Of 2014
After last week’s Best Albums Of 2014 roundup/provocation, here’s the first proper playlist of the year; with, as you’ll see, a few auspicious new arrivals.
Pandering to Indie Fans: The Forgotten Indie Rock Albums
Josh Haden pretty much hit it out of the park with Spain's debut. [Read More...]
The Musikjahr was an absolute smasher! - Nillson-Jahrescharts 2012
Diese Ruhe, diese Weisheit, diese herrliche Entschleunigung und Hadens sonore Stimme, ja - das hatte uns gefehlt, und wir haben es all die Jahre nicht gewusst. Ein riesengroßes Album. [Read More...]
Vinyl Renaissance: Omnivore Recordings Offers Art Pepper, Spain on Vinyl
The Blue Moods of Spain, its 1999 follow-up She Haunts My Dreams, and 2001’s I Believe are all making their first appearances on vinyl, available in stores and online on August 28. The LP-only reissues will be available as limited edition first pressings on 180-gram colored vinyl, totaling 1,000 copies per album. [Read More...]
Le streaming du jour #251 : Spécial Noël - les indés vous invitent à leur réveillon
Pot de départ : forcément, après tout ça, on est un peu triste de se quitter, c’est donc Josh Haden qui offre la dernière tournée.
Culture Collide Spotlight: Spain (USA)
Spain are a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band founded in 1993 by Josh Haden (son of jazz bass legend Charlie Haden).
Spain vend son âme
Mais c'est pour la bonne cause. Pour finaliser ce qui sera le premier enregistrement de Spain depuis près de dix ans et qui sortira sous le nom de "The Soul of Spain", Josh Haden a besoin d'argent. [Read More...]
In The News: Paul Simon, Juliana Hatfield, Gillian Welch, Ivy, Spain, Jeff Bridges And More
The Soul Of Spain, Spain‘s first new album in a decade, is looking for financing via a Kickstarter campaign. [Read More...]
Rock Picks: Ozomatli, Harper Simon, Spain
...Josh croons funereal ballads in a somber, low voice, singing with the same serious, almost-spiritual intensity whether he’s rhapsodizing about a lover or talking to Jesus. [Read More...]
Billboard Bits: ODB, Smash Mouth, Spain
Highlights of dreamy jazz influenced rock act Spain's career will be collected on an upcoming disc due Oct. 21 via Restless Records.
Newsmakers - Spain Comes To L.A.
Photo of Josh Haden w/ Spain fan Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine).
Chart Activity - CMJ Radio 200
She Haunts My Dreams is a bewitching album that lives up to the band's growing legend.