Jesus, I don't want to die alone.

Spiritual was originally written by Josh Haden of Spain for their 1995 debut album The Blue Moods of Spain, and later covered most famously by Johnny Cash. Pat Methany and Josh Haden’s father, Charlie Haden also did a beautiful instrumental version on their album Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) that writer Annie Proulx has said she played over and over while working on a key scene of her short story, Brokeback Mountain.

It’s a powerful song in all it’s forms and covers. It’s powerful in it’s simple, devastating universality, and powerful in it’s naked honesty.

I like Mark Lanegan’s version above with Soulsavers, and I really like the video this fan made to accompany it.

I hope I find the Door to Heaven someday.

(Click here to see Josh Haden singing the song with family and friends. It’s lovely too!)


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