Review: Spain - The Soul of Spain (Diamond Soul)

Los Angeles quintet Spain found its biggest audience in Europe, so stateside audiences can be forgiven for not noticing the group's death and resurrection. A shame, that, since The Soul of Spain finds their moody 3am rock sounding stronger than in its Nineties heyday. An unabashed romantic, bassist/bandleader Josh Haden (son of jazz titan Charlie Haden) lets the understatement of his melodies and smoky croon carry lovelorn ditties like "Without a Sound," "I Love You," and "Falling." Guitarist Daniel Brummel adds lush colors, his tasteful licks and sonorous solos calling almost no attention to themselves. Even when the band adds some muscle to "Miracle Man" and "Because Your Love," the tracks still simmer rather than boil. Placing its collective heart on its sleeve without fanfare, Spain drains the melodrama from emo to make love beautiful again. (1am, Brass House)

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