Spain, The Soul of Spain (2012)

I liked Spain already – one day I’ll find The Blues Moods of Spain on vinyl and it will be mine; oh yes, it will be mine – but last year’s The Soul of Spain took me by surprise/bowled me over (albeit it in its own slow-burn kinda way). I guess I just didn’t expect it to necessarily be brilliant, but rather nice. Turns out it was (and is) both. Terrible thing to say to recommend an album but our baby, new at the time, has listened to this album so many times when it was go-to-sleep time; yes, I just tried to sell an album by saying, effectively, it’ll put your baby to sleep. But I mention that because this album just crept up and into our home and with the music coming through the wall softly as Oscar fell asleep it turned out we were listening to it even when we hadn’t (quite) planned to listen to it. I gushed about this album. I raved. I gave it the full five-star review treatment and then scanned that review into a blog declaring it my new favourite slow-burn album. And it really was one of the musical highlights and delights of 2012 for me. When I spied the LP I put it on hold. Had to have it. But Oscar wasn’t done listening to the CD. Some nights he still crashes out with Spain wafting over and around in his room. I still love how Because Your Love is the best kind of Ben Harper song ever (ie: one not written or performed by Ben Harper). I love that gorgeous, lilting opener. I love this whole album. The LP’s been on hold for a bit now. I kept meaning to collect it. So I did – finally. I haven’t played it yet. I got home with it, took it from the bag and just stared at it. The music came immediately to mind; filled my mind, and our home, once again. I’ll look forward to the first play on the turntable with this. I kinda know that I’ve found an album that’s so very special to me. I doubt I can ever – quite – explain it (arguably this is my third go at it). And I doubt anyone else quite feels the way about this album that I do. And that’s okay. That’s quite okay.

Simon Sweetman
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