Top 5 uncommon soundtracks for 2014: It’s all about feel

         One of the main reasons to buy Josh Haden’s fifth Spain album, Sargent Place (November 4, 2014), is his father. Considered one of the greatest jazz bassists in the world, Charlie Haden (Ornette Coleman Quartet) passed away this summer, but not without leaving one last legacy. He played on this album, in “You And I” during his last days. The song itself is dedicated to a father who devoted his entire life to loving and proudly supporting his musical children (Josh’s sisters are the Haden Triplets). Even when Charlie Haden’s health was at its worst, he held on to help make some of the most sublime music of Spain’s vital career. Let’s face it, Spain is really Josh Haden in word, thought, and deed, full of mystery and well-meaning intention. Josh’s music washes over you, leaving a debris of collective understanding, an undercurrent of empathy, rather than bludgeon with obvious attention-seeking displays of grandiose gestures. It’s neither the vocals nor the music that stands out; rather, it’s the overall effect of both that serves to reinforce some strange, shared dream state of the oppressed, the depressed, and the hopelessly romantic. There’s a January 13th memorial concert to honor Charlie Haden planned at New York’s Town Hall. Everybody will be there to perform, including Haden’s devoted children. On December 21st, Josh went on NPR’s Jazz Night In America show, hosted jazz bassist Christian McBride, to talk about his wonderful father.

Carol Banks Weber
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