Spain preps ‘Mandala Brush’ (listen to “laurel, clementine”)


Josh Haden will release Mandala Brush, his seventh album as Spain, on September 28 via Dangerbird Records. His sisters Petra Haden (of That Dog and many other projects) and Tanya Haden contribute strings and backing vocals, and longtime Spain collaborators Kenny Lyon (guitar), Shon Sullivan (acoustic guitar, keyboards) and Danny Frankel (drums) are here as well. Hoping to replicate the feeling of Spain’s live shows, Josh and the band recorded live to tape with no click tracks. We’ve got the premiere of “laurel, clementine” and while the tempos have climbed since the days of slowcore classic The Blue Moods of Spain, the brooding atmosphere remains.

Read the article and watch the lyric video here.


Bill Pearis
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