Melting Pot's Best Of 2014!
Spain feat. Charlie Haden – You and I – Sargent Place (Glitterhouse) [Read More...]
Lincoln Center offers free concerts, events in January
The band Spain performs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 29. Founded 20 years ago by Josh Haden, the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden, the group performs lush soundscapes from “Sargent Place” (Dine Alone Records), its most recent album and its first in 10 years. [Read More...]
Rockens Riddere kårer de 25 beste skivene i 2014!
Da er tiden kommet for å avsløre hva Rockens Riddere mener er de 25 beste skivene som har blitt utgitt i løpet av året som har gått. Det hersker selvsagt ingen tvil om at dette er den definitive fasiten på hva som gjelder av fet rock der ute i rockjungelen - her har du den absolutte toppteft av hva som gjelder innen heavy metal, indie, psych, singer/songwriters, etc. [Read More...]
Top 5 uncommon soundtracks for 2014: It’s all about feel
Josh’s music washes over you, leaving a debris of collective understanding, an undercurrent of empathy, rather than bludgeon with obvious attention-seeking displays of grandiose gestures. [Read More...]
Spain Σάββατο 7 Φεβρουαρίου
Το τελευταίο άλμπουμ των Spain, Sargent Place, κυκλοφόρησε το 2014 αποσπώντας διθυραμβικές κριτικές από τον διεθνή μουσικό Τύπο. Η παραγωγή του δίσκου έγινε από τον Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys, Beck, Norah Jones) και η μίξη από τον Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, Paul McCartney) απογειώνοντας το καλλιτεχνικό αποτέλεσμα και κάνοντας πολλούς να μιλάνε για τον καλύτερο δίσκο των Spain από το “θρυλικό” The Blue Moods of Spain του 1995. [Read More...]
Spain til Danmark
I 2012 gæstede Spain Voxhall, hvor GAFFAs Bjarke Kirkegaard Nielsen stod på pletten. Han gav det introverte band fem udadvendte stjerner og skrev: "Spains musik kan bedst beskrives som musik, man kan lukke øjnene til uden at falde i søvn, eller som en kop varm suppe på en vinterdag. Det føles bare godt." [Read More...]
Najvažniji albumi u 2014 po izboru redakcije Radio Bruškina
Tekuća godina je bila prepuna novih albuma, izuzetnih izdanja koja dokazuju da muzika ide naprijed, u uvijek neočekivanim pravcima. Nešto od svega toga smo pokušali uhvatiti i predstaviti vam kroz muziku i izbor našeg radija, a evo koji su albumi najvažniji po izboru naše redakcije, uz gostujuću listu naših drugara iz benda Izae: [Read More...]
La cuvée 2014 - Les chroniqueurs
En complément indispensable de notre Cuvée générale, voici l’année écoulée disséquée par nos valeureux chroniqueurs. Soit différentes listes plus ou moins longues reflétant les goûts et les couleurs de chacun. Et ça ne se discute pas. [Read More...]
SPAIN – Sargent Place Review
Sargent Place shows the revitalized Spain moving from strength to strength. [Read More...]
De Amerikaanse band Spain komt voor drie optredens naar ons land. Op 9 februari gaat de minitour van start in Doornroosje in Nijmegen, 11 februari staat de band in de Muziekgieterij in Maastricht en op 11 maart komen ze nogmaals terug voor een optreden in Paradiso. [Read More...]
Spain - Sargent Place
‘You And I’, the song graced by Charlie’s acoustic bass, poignantly opens with the lines “Our love will never die” – a fitting farewell from father to son. ‘To Be A Man’ also reads like a son to father conversation, Josh sighing, “Can’t you see that you’re my best friend?” [Read More...]
Utne Reader Monthly Music Sampler: Spain's "The Fighter"
The son of the late, legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden (his final studio recordings are on the album) and the brother to equally talented musicians Petra and Rachel Haden, Josh utilized his family’s rich musical talent on this recording, and their presence—both physically and spiritually—is felt throughout. A case in point is “The Fighter,” which features a tune originally plucked out on an acoustic guitar gifted to Josh by Rachel, and elegant backing vocals and strings from Petra. [Read More...]
Sargent Place By Spain
Sargent Place is one of the their most powerful efforts to date, an expression of caring born from a time of grief. [Read More...]
Underrated 2014: Spain's 'Sargent Place'
Listen to the barbed and menacing "From the Dust" and watch as an as-yet-unfilmed David Lynch movie comes into focus around you. [Read More...]
Spain - Sargent Place / The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session
De eerste platen van Spain koester ik stuk voor stuk. Sargent Place voegt weer wat toe aan deze platen en wordt daarom door mij minstens net zo liefdevol omarmd. Het is iets dat zeker navolging verdient. [Read More...]
Spain’s Josh Haden leaves doors open for listening value in latest release
Critics and fans have called the music of Josh Haden’s Spain dreamy, layered, even “jazz-tinged slow core.” The band’s latest release, Sargent Place, produced by Gus Seyffert (Norah Jones, Beck) continues that floating thread of a subconscious, faraway inner turmoil longing for respite or recourse. [Read More...]
Review: Spain live at Amoeba Music, Hollywood, California
Haden and his colleagues came on without much fanfare and began to barely finger the strings of their gorgeous sounding instruments – the gold-strung electric bass, the vintage Gretsch, every note a delicious, warm-bottomed, thrum across the floor and into our feet, bellies and hearts. People in the aisles started leaning their heads on each other, and swaying back and forth, and holding hands.

[Read More...]
An Interview with Josh Haden: 'Sargent Place'
Now their new release Sargent Place, builds on that decades long legacy and pushes it into inspiring new directions. [Read More...]
Josh Haden’s Spain premieres all-new ‘Sargent Place’ with family in mind
Josh Haden’s Spain has been the worst-kept secret amongst discriminating music fans and post-millennials in L.A. and everywhere else. For close to 20 years, the vocalist/bassist/composer’s been keeping the dream world alive in subterranean, subconscious music that sinks into the core — beneath reason and pretense, into everyone’s universal language. [Read More...]
Josh Haden, The TVD First Date
I remember being five years old, putting on headphones and getting lost in the artwork of the Beatles’ Revolver. [Read More...]
The Concierge Questionnaire: Josh Haden, Bassist and Singer
Q: What is the most creative, spiritual or emotional place in Los Angeles?

A: Lake Shrine. [Read More...]
Spain - Sargent Place Review
While their sound is distinctive, on Sargent Place Spain take a bold step in a different direction, informed by both Haden’s jazz-musician dad Charlie and Black Keys producer Gus Seyffert, who takes away any reservedness. [Read More...]
Streaming - Spain "Sargent Place"
Have a listen to the album, out internationally tomorrow, in full... [Read More...]
Film At 11: Spain
L.A.’s Spain readies for the release of fifth album Sargent Place, out November 4. The band recently made a new video for “Love At First Sight,” and MAGNET is premiering it here. The song itself is a chilled-out slow jam, and the clip that accompanies moves at an equally slow pace. In fact, the whole video is centered around time as we slowly follow the adventures of one indecisive man. [Read More...]
The Best Free Concerts To See in L.A. This November
Spain are performing ahead of their upcoming release, Sargent Place, out November 4. [Read More...]