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The principle singer and songwriter of Spain is Josh Haden, the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden, and brother to the Haden triplet sisters, Petra, Rachel and Tanya. Spain began in 1993 and released their debut album, The Blue Moods Of Spain, in 1995. In 2001, Haden took a hiatus and reformed the band in 2007. Seductive, moody, and touched by a hint of jazz and late night romanticism, the debut album set a high standard for singer-songwriters.

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Spain's Josh Haden
Sargent Place is the new album from my band Spain. We recorded it in a house on a street in the Elysian Park area of Los Angeles called Sargent Place. The house was rented by our producer Gus Seyffert. It was a very intense two weeks of recording and mixing and that’s probably why I chose the street name for the title.

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SARGENT PLACE – interview with Josh Haden
RYL: What inspired the song “The Fighter”?

JOSH HADEN: The movie Raging Bull. [Read More...]
Dark Stuff Podcast 104: Josh Haden (Spain) Part Two
The Dark Stuff Podcast #104 is a continuation of the interview with Josh Haden of the band Spain from #103. In this part of the interview, Haden talks about the second and third Spain LPs, his contractual issues with Restless Records, and the initial break-up of Spain. He then discusses his solo career, his collaborations (Handsome Boy Modeling School, Sean Lennon, DJ Shadow, Blue Man Group), and the re-formation of Spain. [Read More...]
Dark Stuff Podcast 103: Josh Haden (Spain) Part One
Dark Stuff Podcast #103 features an interview with Josh Haden, best known for his work in the fantastic indie band, Spain. This interview was conducted sometime in 2008, and was then lost to the ages due to a computer crash. I recently recovered the file, and am presenting part one of the interview here. [Read More...]
With this record the comeback starts to make sense - there’s been a shift, nothing dramatic, in truth nothing much has changed, but you know how different a face can look with a different haircut even though it is the same face, Spain have had a haircut. [Read More...]
SPAIN - Sargent Place / Review
Die zehn Songs bringen die Ruhe zurück in unsere Welt, welche so schnell und unübersichtlich geworden ist. [Read More...]
Spain é um pequeno milagre no meio da cansada música alternativa. Sargent Place é bem feito, bem composto, bem tocado e com muita classe. Se você gosta desta forma ébria e nada fofa de autocomiseração, caia dentro. [Read More...]
Spain, 'Sargent place' / Review
Tegelijkertijd is dit de meest verscheidene Spain-release tot op heden. Wij hoorden er bij vlagen ook de kamermuziek van Leonard Cohen of de tijdloze JJ Cale in. Pluimen die Josh Haden waarschijnlijk maar wat graag op zijn hoed zal steken. [Read More...]
Josh Haden Is A Punk Rocker
We're punkrockers. We don't need any of this bourgeoise music technique. [Read More...]
Spain - Sargent Place / Review
Sargent Place è un coacervo di suoni ben distinti, di chitarre mai invadenti, di basso propulsivo, ma di una spinta quasi silenziosa, antigravitazionale. Non è un disco triste, ma un assaggio di primavera che mette fuoco ai pensieri, alle riflessioni sfruttando idee ben chiare nella testa di Josh, ospiti d’onore, ottimi musicisti e soprattutto la famiglia. [Read More...]
Le blues de Spain
Spain, le projet de Josh Haden (fils du jazzman Charlie Haden), draine un certain nombre d’aficionados envoûtés par sa musique lente et voluptueuse, sorte de soul-blues au ralenti. [Read More...]
Spain nutzen den Schwung des Comebacks
Nur drei Alben in 17 Karriere-Jahren bis 2012 - und seitdem drei weitere: Irgendetwas muss mit Spain-Frontmann Josh Haden passiert sein, das seine Songwriter-Musen dermaßen auf Trab gebracht hat.
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CD Review / Spain - Sargent Place
"Sargent Place" hat einen hohen Unterhaltungswert. Die Band versteht es, dem Genre auf besondere Art und Weise Facetten zu geben, die einfach magnetische Wirkung auf den Hörer haben. [Read More...]
Coming from a skilled family like the Haden clan, Josh set out to impress the audience with a blend of new songs, some classics and a few surprises. [Read More...]
The First Uncut Playlist Of 2014
After last week’s Best Albums Of 2014 roundup/provocation, here’s the first proper playlist of the year; with, as you’ll see, a few auspicious new arrivals.
"...the jolt of live performance reminds me how good a band Spain really are." [Read More...]
The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session
Sept titres d’une rare sobriété, mais qui remplissent l’espace et fendent nos cœurs sans se sentir obligés d’en faire des tonnes. Pas de pathos forcé ou de sentimentalisme exacerbé ici: on est dans une émotion brute qui ne peut être compensée que par un songwriting d’une infime délicatesse. [Read More...]
Verkannte Popband Spain: Die Crowd-Rocker
Warum sind Spain aus Los Angeles keine Stars? Johnny Cash war ein Fan. Wim Wenders auch. Pünktlich zu zwei Deutschland-Konzerten erinnert eine tolle Unplugged-CD an ihre Klasse. [Read More...]
Spain: the morning becomes eclectic session
Kortom: The Morning Becomes Eclectic is een must voor de fans en een aanwinst op het toch al indrukwekkende ouvre van deze nog altijd ondergewaardeerde band. [Read More...]
De band was in grootse vorm en speelde de songs met volle overtuiging en emotie. Niet alleen de sterke songs maar zeker de sfeervolle zang van Haden maken hier het absolute verschil. De extra bijdragen van Josh’ zussen in songs als (The) Only One en vooral Spiritual zijn een zeer rijke aanvulling. Niet alleen de gloedvolle vocalen in die songs maar zeker ook de viool van Petra en de cello van Tanya maken een song als Walked On The Water nog veel mooier dan het origineel. The Morning Becomes Eclectic Sessions is daarmee een mooie aanwinst op het rijke oeuvre van de band. [Read More...]
The 37th Uncut Playlist Of 2013
1 Spain – The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session (Glitterhouse)
Pandering to Indie Fans: The Forgotten Indie Rock Albums
Josh Haden pretty much hit it out of the park with Spain's debut. [Read More...]
Review: Spain - The Soul of Spain (Diamond Soul)
Placing its collective heart on its sleeve without fanfare, Spain drains the melodrama from emo to make love beautiful again. [Read More...]
Spain, The Soul of Spain (2012)
I liked Spain already – one day I’ll find The Blues Moods of Spain on vinyl and it will be mine; oh yes, it will be mine – but last year’s The Soul of Spain took me by surprise/bowled me over (albeit it in its own slow-burn kinda way). I guess I just didn’t expect it to necessarily be brilliant, but rather nice. Turns out it was (and is) both. [Read More...]