Spain Blue Moods of Spain: A History, Pt. 1 (Diamond Soul)
This is outstanding, emotionally resonant, bedroom-recorded indie-rock that will appeal to fans of Modest Mouse, yet spoken in Spain’s unique vernacular more than 15 years ago. [Read More...]
L’histoire de Spain : plus belle que la légende ?
De quoi déclencher chez les nostalgiques de cette époque bénie de l’indie rock un niveau d’excitation inversement proportionnel à celui que véhicule généralement la musique de Spain ! [Read More...]
Origami Vinyl's Favorite Albums, Reissues, Singles, and Local Releases of 2010
Sean's Favorite Singles of 2010 [Read More...]
Bakers Dozen: Deftones' Chino Moreno Chooses His Top 13 Albums
The lyrics are very simple but the vocals are right in your face, and under that the music really gets to breathe. The chord progressions sound really 1950s, those slow 50s picking patterns, the chord sequences are really simple, it's very honest, it's very pure. [Read More...]
Spain - Hang Your Head Down Low
Throughout "Low's" melancholic refrain, if you listen closely, you'll find a dimly, thinly lit ray of hope amongst the mournfulness. [Read More...]
Jesus, I don't want to die alone.
It’s a powerful song in all it’s forms and covers. It’s powerful in it’s simple, devastating universality, and powerful in it’s naked honesty. [Read More...]
Spain « The Blue Moods of Spain »
Redécouverte d’un album classieux, élégant. [Read More...]
Spain played killer free show at Origami Vinyl
What a gift this free show at Origami was on my way to the Echoplex.
MP3 At 3PM: Spain
Slow, soulful ballad “Hang Your Head Down Low” is from the I’m Still Free EP (released early this year), which is one of Spain’s first new songs in more than eight years.
Q&A Josh of Spain’s been almost 10 years since the last Spain record has been released. There are 2 songs on this new release are very up-tempo and even, God forbid, kinda Rock n Roll. A friend of mine told me not to mess up the Spain formula, to which I said “the songs may be faster, but they’re still in the Spain idiom with song structure, they’re Spain”. They are Blues based songs. [Read More...]
le retour de Spain….
Nouveau titre, très beau…
Silverlake Jubilee: plethora of Indie talent -day1
The immense amount of talent and passion in their sound creates a new level of appreciation for delicate riffs and solid bass line jams. [Read More...]
I'm still free / hang your head down low
simplement magnifique [Read More...]
Soul in Pop: Spain - "Hang Your Head Down Low"
Il y a du recueillement, de l’évocation, de la sensualité. Et même un solo de guitare! [Read More...]
Shades of slow-core, lounge and gospel... [Read More...]
Rock Picks: Ozomatli, Harper Simon, Spain
...Josh croons funereal ballads in a somber, low voice, singing with the same serious, almost-spiritual intensity whether he’s rhapsodizing about a lover or talking to Jesus. [Read More...]
Lost Classics: Spain “The Blue Moods Of Spain”
The Blue Moods Of Spain demonstrated what happened when the son of a jazzbo set forth to create a downcast, West Coast take on pure atmosphere. [Read More...]
Spain Invades L.A. -- Again
...these mood-music maestros wore suits long before Interpol made it cool, had their gospel-tinged death ballad "Spiritual" covered by Johnny Cash on his Unchained album, could name Rick Rubin among their diehard fans, and signed a lucrative deal with DreamWorks Records. [Read More...]
Spain – Phone machine
A dream of Spain, or sketches of it. Laconically cool. [Read More...]
Josh Haden, Intervista all'ex Spain
Sono assolutamente d'accordo con i tuoi paragoni. Leonard Cohen è un grosso punto di riferimento per me...non a caso l'artwork di Devoted si ispira parzialmente a quello di Death Of A Ladies Man di Cohen. Inoltre, adoro sia Portishead che Massive Attack. Ciò che ha portato a questo parziale spostamento verso l'elettonica è stata la decisione di dotarsi di un computer, di protools e di un controller per tastiera; essere quindi improvvisamente in grado di registrare musica nel mio soggiorno di casa con a disposizione una miriade di differenti sonorità. A ciò puoi ovviamente aggiungere il fatto di lavorare con Dan, che è principalmente un produttore hip-hop con una visione tutta sua di come la musica debba suonare.
Spain - Spirituals: The Best Of Spain
"Ten Nights" could be the Oxycontin-popping cousin of Touissaint McCall's "Nothing Takes The Place Of You"...
Led by singer/bassist Josh Haden (son of jazz bassist Charlie Haden), Spain were among the best of the so-called slo-core outfits to arrive on the underground-pop scene of the mid-’90s, joining the ruminative ranks of Red House Painters, American Music Club, and Low, among others. This exquisite best-of collection culls 13 mostly essential non-hits from the foursome’s three-album catalogue... [Read More...]
* * *
While not exactly a landmark in the annals of depressive alt-rock, the debut from L.A.-based collective Spain, The Blue Moods Of Spain, was a languid and moody offering that made up in style what it lacked in musical variation...She Haunts My Dreams maintained the same level of artfully-arranged mopiness...I Believe opens things up somewhat, [two songs from which] stand as the group's finest.
Spirituals: The Best of Spain
If their debut had been released now, they'd probably be playing amphitheaters with Norah Jones. [Read More...]
Spirituals: The Best Of Spain
When I threw the disc on last night I knew nothing but the Haden pedigree, and was quite surprised to find, after the first two rather nondescript tunes, lurking, furtive beauty and mystery in the ruminative slow-burn alt-rock tradition of Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star, Luna, American Music Club, Tindersticks, the Church, with a tablespoon of jazzy confessionalist Michael Franks thrown in for good measure - quite extraordinary. [Read More...]
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