She Haunts My Dreams
Spain's second album She Haunts My Dreams contains more of the dreamy, lounge-tinged pop that made their first album The Blue Moods of Spain a critical and cult favorite. [Read More...]
Spain - She Haunts My Dreams
A gorgeous meditation on romantic dysfunction, She Haunts My Dreams is the sort of nightmare you hope will never end.
Spain - Artist Spotlight
Q: Your songs tend to be pretty heartbreaking. Do you have better luck in real life as compared to your songs?

A: No. (laughs)
Reign Of Spain
One of the first moves Lenny Waronker made as co-chairman of DreamWorks Records was to sign the acclaimed L.A. band Spain. Well, "She Haunts My Dreams," Spain's first album since the deal, is coming out this week--but it's not on DreamWorks. [Read More...]
Spain - She Haunts My Dreams
She Haunts My Dreams is both mellow and dramatic, but never melodramatic.
Chart Activity - CMJ Radio 200
She Haunts My Dreams is a bewitching album that lives up to the band's growing legend.
Cocteau Twins Impress in Quiet Moments
Blending slow, fuzzy guitar chords over a low blues rumbling, Spain offered less musical variety than the headliner, but still cut deep with quiet, mournful passages. [Read More...]
Taking in the blue moods of Spain
Everyone can relate to a broken heart. Few artists can articulate the feeling of a broken heart better than Spain. There really should be a label on their debut release The Blue Moods of Spain warning that listening to the album may cause distressing emotional disturbances. [Read More...]
Drawing His Strength From the Right Atmosphere
The smokily poetic sound of Spain, an L.A.-based band that is causing a growing buzz in the record business, is hardly predictable in the world of alternative rock. [Read More...]
The Blue Moods of Spain
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Spain - The Blue Moods Of Spain - Restless
Spain spins a gorgeous slo-mo mixture of late-night jazz phonics, sedate country and sultry soul.